Welcome to Loki.code

Loki.code is a DevOps platform for web3 teams developing dApps and smart contracts.

To promptly begin using Loki.code, kindly refer to our Quick Start Guide.

Loki.code elevates your smart contract development environment with an array of sophisticated DevOps tools, meticulously designed for the proficient management of smart contracts and their deployments. Its features are exceptionally advantageous for web3 teams, presenting a suite of robust tools to streamline the entire smart contract development lifecycle.

Loki.code provides the following DevOps tools:

  • Deploy requests

  • Deploy History

  • Playground

  • Organizations

  • Github Integration

  • Compiler

  • Deployer

  • Templates

For any inquiries, please contact our co-founder, Adam. He will be pleased to respond via email or arrange a call.

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