Collaborate with your Organization

What is an Organization?

Loki.code excels at managing your deployments and interacting with your contracts as a web3 DevOps platform. However, the true value of Loki.code lies in enabling your team to have shared access to your projects, facilitating coordinated dApp management and optimizing the time required to transition your dApp from staging to mainnet.

With shared access to a project, Organizations allow team members with different roles to contribute seamlessly and execute a successful deployment onto mainnet. Developers can submit deploy requests to Loki.code through a simple API call, contract testers can deploy these requests to a testnet and interact with various functions and states, and finally, the team or product manager can review a deploy request and approve the deployment once it is deemed secure.

Step 1: Upgrade to Loki.code PRO

From the Dashboard, click on "Organization" in the sidebar. If you have not yet upgraded to Loki.code PRO, you will be directed to the appropriate page. Click on "Upgrade."

You will then be guided through the steps to upgrade your account in order to access the Organization PRO feature.


At present, each user is permitted to create only one organization upon upgrading to Loki.code PRO.

Additionally, the number of subscriptions you purchase directly correlates to the number of seats available in the organization.

For example, if you set the quantity to 2, your organization can accommodate two members: you and one other person. If you set it to 3, your organization can include three members: you and two others. If you set it to 1, your organization will consist solely of yourself.

Step 2: Create a new Organization

Once you have upgraded, the Organization page will display both a "Create Organization" button and a "New Organization" button in the top right corner. Click either button to create a new organization.

Bestow a name upon your organization.

Invite team members to join your organization. Do not worry; this can also be done at a later time.

The final result.

Congratulations, you have successfully created an organization!

Step 3: Create a new Organization Project

To begin creating a project within that organization:

  1. Navigate back to the Dashboard.

  2. Click "New Project" in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Select "GitHub,"

  4. Choose the GitHub repository you wish to use.

  5. Click "Create Organization Project."

We trust this tutorial has provided you with the knowledge to utilize Loki.code to its fullest potential. Happy collaborating!

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